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ScalarDL adopted for Toyota's intellectual property DX platform 'Proof Chain of Evidence

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ScalarDL has been adopted for the intellectual property digital transformation (DX) platform `Proof Chain of Evidence (PCE)' that preserves electronic data evidence based on global evidence adoption rules at Toyota Motor Corporation.

PCE is a system that preserves the evidence of electronic data by using the tampering detection mechanism of the distributed ledger software "ScalarDL" provided by Scalar.

  • When the electronic data existed (WHEN)

  • In what order the electronic data existed (SEQUENCE)

  • Prove the above over 10 years (LONG-TERM)

  • MProve the above over 10 years (LONG-TERM)

In addition, PCE will preserve the above information in a form that can be submitted as evidence in courts globally (Japan, China, Europe, and the United States). In addition, ScalarDL's scalability makes it possible to record evidence of large amounts of electronic data, which was difficult with conventional blockchain technology.

For more information, please refer to the following Microsoft blog post.


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