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About Us

Our Vision and Mission


To create a secure and trustworthy digital world

At Scalar, Inc., our vision is to build a secure and trustworthy digital world where data integrity, privacy, and reliability are paramount. We strive to innovate and deliver cutting-edge technologies that protect and empower businesses and individuals while fostering an environment of confidence and security across our global datascape. Through our commitment and technology, we aim to transform the digital experience, ensuring that every interaction and transaction is safe, consistent, transparent, and dependable.


Making Data Management More Reliable

Our mission at Scalar, Inc. is to provide innovative, reliable, and scalable solutions that safeguard digital assets and ensure consistency of data across organizations. We are dedicated to pioneering technologies that enhance security, promote trust, and drive innovation in the digital realm. By prioritizing customer needs and continually improving our products, we aim to lead the industry in creating a safer and more secure digital world.



Our technology and business is inherently complex. Let’s try to make them as simple as possible.​​​


Scalar develops a distributed database, so let's make our software always scalable. Additionally, a startup has to do big business with a small team, so let's succeed with scalable business strategies.


We provide a mission critical database software, so agility is very important, but rigorous outcomes are even more important.

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