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Released ScalarDB 3.1. For wider use, add and improve functions such as support for ScalarDB server

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

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Scalar Inc. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; CEO and COO: Wataru Fukatsu; CEO and CTO: Hiroyuki Yamada) has released the new version 3.1 of ScalarDB, a general-purpose transaction manager. In ScalarDB 3.1, with the aim of allowing more users to use the functions of Scalar DB, we added a Scalar DB server using gRPC, supported Oracle DB, and implemented transaction management to realize transactions across multiple databases. Improved functions.

ScalarDB has been distributed in the Java language library format so far, but with the addition of a new ScalarDB server using gRPC, it is now possible to use ScalarDB functions from programming languages ​​other than Java. The ScalarDB server is provided as a ZIP file and a Docker container with startup scripts and dependent libraries.

In the ScalarDB adapter, in addition to supporting Apache Cassandra, Azure Cosmos DB, Amazon DynamoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL (and databases compatible with them), we have newly added support for Oracle DB. As a result, more users and companies are now able to use ScalarDB.

In addition, we improved the transaction management function to realize transactions that span multiple databases. Until now, it was necessary to use one database in one transaction, but with this improvement, it is now possible to operate multiple databases in one transaction while maintaining ACID characteristics. This feature, for example, facilitates consistency management in multi-cloud, multi-database environments.

In the future, we plan to develop functions for microservices and interfaces such as GraphQL in order to promote further use of ScalarDB.

What is ScalarDB

ScalarDB is a generic transaction manager and transaction interface. Released under Apache License 2.0.

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