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Released Scalar DL3.0 to realize applications with high falsification detectability and portability

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

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Scalar Inc. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO and COO: Wataru Fukatsu, CEO and CTO: Hiroyuki Yamada) has released a new major version 3.0 of ScalarDL, a distributed database with tamper detection and scalability. Did. ScalarDL 3.0 adds Auditor, a new tampering (Byzantine fault) detection mechanism, making it even easier to develop tamper-detectable database applications. In addition, ScalarDB 3.x support has been added, making it possible for ScalarDL to operate on a variety of databases.

ScalarDL is distributed database software with falsification detectability and scalability. Until now, a mechanism called ScalarDM (Ordering) has been provided to detect arbitrary failures such as tampering (Byzantine failure), but in 3.0, the Auditor mechanism has been added as a new tampering detection mechanism. was given. This makes it easier to develop and operate database applications that detect tampering without sacrificing scalability or performance.

In addition, by supporting ScalarDB 3.x in ScalarDL, ScalarDL can operate on various databases that ScalarDB supports. This allows applications using ScalarDL to achieve high portability. For example, initially using MySQL for the database of the ScalarDL application, when the number of users and access to the application increases, the database can be migrated to Azure Cosmos DB or Amazon DynamoDB, which have high scalability. It can be done without rewriting.

In the future, while continuing to improve the performance and functionality of ScalarDL, we plan to promote research and development toward a distributed database with next-generation tampering detection capabilities.

What is ScalarDB

ScalarDB is a generic transaction manager and transaction interface. Released under Apache License 2.0.

What is ScalarDL

ScalarDL is Scalar's original database software that has properties such as "high falsification detectability", "high scalability" and "strong consistency".

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